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Electrical Services

Farrelly FM Services Ltd’s Electrical services section provides peace of mind to commercial and residential customers with a wide range of Electrical services. Our commercial and business electrical services are tailored to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes, and we offer a first-class service to all of our customers. Farrelly FM Services Ltd home electrical services help protect homes and are designed to suit each homeowner's specific needs.


Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems are installed to provide assistance in evacuating a building in the event of loss of the supply to the general lighting circuits, through fire or power failure. Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case lighting fails. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that all these systems are suitably maintained and checked to ensure they are safe and compliant.

Upon completion of the test, we will provide a report on any necessary repairs or improvements that may be required before issue of test certificate. On completion of testing, we will issue a Certificate of Emergency lighting test and report along with maintenance records, emergency lighting logbook and requirements for in house.


The Design stage of Emergency lighting is also critical to any installation. If not carried out correctly, you could have a system that does not comply with regulations (I.S 3217: 2013+A1:2017).

PAT Testing


Testing portable appliances is a legal requirement and essential to keeping your business and staff safe.


Each Appliance will be labelled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results printed on them so that is clear that each of your appliances have been tested.


You will receive a detailed report outlining the results of all your appliances which we will also back up for 5 years for you to help you comply with regulations.


Other Electrical Services


The wiring of the building will be checked using thermal imaging to spot any hidden electrical issues.


The fuse board will be inspected to ensure it is in good health and a trip test will be conducted on RCBs to ensure if there is a surge your Fuse board would block it and keep you safe.


They are the key checks but there are also many more conducted such as Polarity testing, Earth electrode inspection and an overall visual inspection.


An electrical installation should be inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure they are in a satisfactory condition for continues use

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